HTML5 video tag is broken on iOS8 in standalone apps

As reported by some people on stackoverflow:

… video playback is broken under iOS8 in standalone apps (HTML pages added to the homescreen). This bug also effects players like Youtube and JWplayer.

Tests showed that the video starts loading but the video.readyState property will never be higher then 2 (data for the current playback position is available, but not enough data to play next frame/millisecond).

Here is my fastpace test: – open it on an apple device with iOS8, add the site to your homescreen, start the standalone app and hit the start button. (compare it with a normal browser like chrome or something). It even works normal on iOS8 safari – it’s only the standalone apps that are effected.

For now it looks like we just have to wait for Apple to fix this – the update to iOS 8.0.2 did not fix the bug.

[Update: 2015/03/13]
Today I installed iOS 8.2 on my iPad2 and iPhone5. Unfortunately the bug is not fixed.


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